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Mid Facelift NYC

Midface lift specifically corrects sagging cheeks, which develop as a part of the normal aging process.

As cheeks descend, they create prominent nasolabial folds (located between the upper lip and cheeks) and contribute to the loss of cheek volume and deepening of tear-troughs. A midface lift can correct these changes by re-suspending cheek tissues to a higher, more youthful location.

In experienced hands, the midface lift operation leads to natural and lasting results. Modern midface lifting techniques allow minimally invasive repositioning of sagging cheeks via small access points in the temple region.

Midface lift requires an advanced skill-set and experience from the facelift surgeon. Dr. Mashkevich is a UCLA-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, with the experience of performing midface lifts in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and New York. He specializes in minimally invasive midface lift surgery, with the use of bioabsorbable endotines.

Is computer imaging and simulation available for a Midface Lift?

Yes. During your consultation, we will take your photographs from different angles and use them to simulate how your face would look after midface lift surgery. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback during this process. Your precise surgical plan will be formulated based on the changes you desire and are comfortable with.

How is the Midface Lift Procedure Performed?

A midface lift is performed by making small access incisions behind the hairline in both temple regions. After freeing the cheek tissues, repositioning is accomplished with an Endotine device (COAPT). This device offers several advantages over standard suture techniques:

  • Endotine midface implants allow simple adjustments of tension and position, for greater aesthetic control of cheek elevation and projection.
  • By distributing elevation forces over five tines, fixation is more secure.
  • COAPT Endotine midface implant adds volume enhancement and projection of both cheeks.
  • COAPT Endotine is bioabsorbable and disintegrates within 6 months of placement. This time frame allows your cheeks to securely heal in a new location.

What is the recovery like following a Midface Lift? When will I be able to return to Work?

For a midface lift, plan to take about 5-7 days off from work. This time frame allows most of the swelling and bruising to subside. We take special precautions during surgery to minimize swelling and bruising, and ask you to use ice and special creams in the immediate few days that follow.

Most patients go home on the day of surgery, and are up and about within 24 hours.

Prior to your operation, we will provide you with a detailed set of instructions from our office, and will remain available 24-7 to answer any questions, should they arise.

What about pain after a Midface Lift?

During the surgery, you will not feel any pain due to anesthesia and sedation. After the operation, most midface lift patients experience only a mild to moderate discomfort, and may require prescription pain medications in the first 24-72 hours. Regular Tylenol is typically taken after that time frame, on as needed basis.

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